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How to Apply?


Submit a short research proposal suggesting a relevant project that could be taken up as part of the internship. This is your chance to showcase your interests, learnability and problem solving approach which will help us find a right fit. If selected, it is not necessary that you will work on the same project; instead we will freshly explore interests, skills and opportunities to find a best match. The internship will be based in Pune.

The guidelines and general structure of the proposal is mentioned below and detailed information is available here:

  1. The proposal should be in your own words reflecting your understanding, ideas and approach (avoid plagiarism)
  2. The length of the proposal should be roughly two pages (700-1500 words)
  3. The content of the proposal should follow the enclosed format
  4. It should be appropriately formatted and spellchecked
  5. The document should be in pdf format

Please submit the proposal as per above guidelines along with your updated CV in the form alongside.

You are welcome to describe in your email about how your skills and interests are a good fit.

Estimated duration of work (from-to)



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